Our Purpose

AIN is a committed team of socially conscious health and business professionals. We are a company limited by guarantee and a registered not for profit with the ACNC. We have DGR 1 status and fundraising authorisations in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Tasmania. We are in the process of applying for fundraising authorisation in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland. Our purpose is to maximise the life-long neuro-recovery of Australians (adolescents-adults) living with disabilities caused by neurological conditions like a stroke, Parkinson’s or spinal cord injuries, to name a few.

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Our Mission

  1. Deliver community based technology assisted neuro-rehabilitation exercise programs & research.
  2. Create a Knowledge Hub – an online resource for Australians with neurological conditions to support the maximisation of their life-long neuro-recovery.
  3. Deliver neuro-rehabilitation awareness & advocacy initiatives. Why? Because neuro-rehabilitation is an investment in long term value. “When rehabilitation helps people with neurological conditions become as independent and productive as possible, it is in their best interest – as well as in the best interest of their family, employer, insurance carrier, taxpayers and society as a whole,” Craig Hospital, USA.

The AIN is a registered charity, incorporated in 2014.